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Our 2018 Show: Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri

After sailing the ocean blue on the H.M.S. Pinafore in 2017, The Savoy Company is proud to return to the Suzanne Roberts Theatre in 2018 with Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri.

Twenty-five years ago, Iolanthe, a fairy, committed the capital offence of marrying a mortal. The Fairy Queen reduced her sentence to exile, on condition that she leave her husband and never see him again. Iolanthe's son, Strephon, has grown up, half fairy, half mortal. He loves Phyllis, who is a Ward of the Court of Chancery. The House of Lords have also fallen in love with her.

As the curtain rises, the Fairy Queen pardons Iolanthe. Her son, Strephon, then announces his desire to marry Phyllis. Meanwhile, the House of Lords appeal to the Lord Chancellor to give Phyllis to one of them. Phyllis demurs, announcing her desire to marry Strephon. The Lord Chancellor refuses. Strephon is crushed and Iolanthe tries to comfort her son in a tender moment. This is misconstrued as a fling with a young girl and Phyllis, in anger, decides to marry one of the Lords.

The fairies take Strephon's side, punishing the Lords by sending Strephon into Parliament and casting a spell to make them pass any bill that he wishes. Meanwhile, the Lord Chancellor decides he wants to marry Phyllis. To prevent the Lord Chancellor from marrying Phyllis, Iolanthe reveals herself to him as his long dead wife. She is condemned to die by the Fairy Queen who subsequently discovers that all the fairies have fallen in love and married all the peers. She can't execute everybody, so she gives up and marries a mortal herself. With everyone happily coupled, they all fly off to fairyland.

Savoy will be performing Iolanthe at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre on May 18th and 19th, 2018, and under the stars onstage at the Open Air Theatre amid the tranquil beauty of Longwood Gardens on June 8th and 9th.


  • Celia: Amber Englebert
  • Leila: Elise Bjordammen
  • Fleta: Kara Beck
  • Fairy Queen: Susan Weinman
  • Iolanthe: Rachel Sigman
  • Phyllis: Alize Rozsnyai
  • Lord Chancellor: Ross Druker
  • Lord Mountararat:: Bob Binkley
  • Lord Tolloller: Tom Faracco
  • Strephon: Phoenix Fritch
  • Private Willis: Guillermo Bosch

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