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THE GONDOLIERS (1993, 2005, 2013)

Twenty years ago when Casilda was a baby, she and the infant heir to the throne of Barataria were married. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared, supposedly abducted to Venice... more



The curtain rises on the market square of Speisesaal where Ernest Dummkopf’s acting troupe is rehearsing for a production of the Greek tragedy Troilus and Cressida. Beneath the theatrical veneer, a grand conspiracy is afoot... more


IOLANTHE (2001, 2011, 2018)

Twenty-five years ago, Iolanthe, a fairy, committed the capital offence of marrying a mortal. The Fairy Queen reduced her sentence to exile, on condition that she leave her husband and... more


MIKADO (1995,2003, 2012)

Nanki-poo has fled from the court of his father, the Mikado of Japan, to escape marriage with an elderly lady named Katisha. Disguised as a wandering minstrel, he enters the town of Titipu seeking the beautiful Yum-Yum... more


PATIENCE (1996, 2008, 2015)

The opening scene is laid at "Castle Bunthorne," where Bunthorne, aesthetic poet, is explaining to twenty love-sick maidens the mysteries of love, which, he asserts, can be cured by proper medical treatment... more


PINAFORE (1997, 2007, 2017)

His Majesty's Ship, "Pinafore," is anchored in the harbor at Portsmouth. The sailors are busy scrubbing the decks for the expected arrival of Sir Joseph Porter. K. C. B. Little Buttercup, a bumboat woman... more


PIRATES OF PENZANCE (1999, 2009, 2016)

A rocky seashore on the coast of Cornwall. As the curtain rises groups of pirates are discovered drinking and playing cards. Samuel, the Pirate Lieutenant, goes from one group to another filling the cups... more



The first act starts at King Hildebrand's palace, where the courtiers and loyal subjects are awaiting the arrival of King Gama and his daughter, the Princess Ida, who has been promised in marriage to Hilarion, Hildebrand's son... more


RUDDIGORE (1998, 2010)

The scene opens in the pretty little Cornish fishing village of Rederring, showing the harbour and Rose Maybud's cottage. The village possesses an endowed corps of professional bridesmaids, who are languishing in idleness... more


SORCERER (1990, 2004, 2014)

The first Act is laid in the grounds of Sir Marmaduke's estate. The village folk are gathered in honor of the betrothal of Alexis, Marmaduke's son, and Aline, the daughter of Lady Sangazure, who... more


TRIAL BY JURY (1991, 2004, 2014)

Edwin, tiring of his sweetheart Angelina, falls in love with another. Angelina, accordingly, hails him to court for breach of promise. At the rise of the curtain, the Usher, while enjoining impartiality on the Jurymen, shows a definite partiality himself for... more



For many years, the South Sea island of Utopia has been the home of a languid and lazy people, ruled by a benevolent King who is, in theory, an absolute monarch. His power, however, is held in check by two Wise Men, judges of the Utopian supreme court... more


YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (1992, 2006)

Sergeant Meryll and his daughter, Phoebe, await the return of young Leonard Meryll, who will himself become a Tower Warder. Held prisoner within the Tower is the dashing Colonel Fairfax, sentenced to death on trumped-up charges of sorcery... more


Celebrating more than 100 years of Gilbert and Sullivan.

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