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Company Management: 2017-2018 Season


  • President:
    • Aaron Manthey
  • Vice Presidents:
    • Lauren Meyer
    • Gene Schneyer
  • Secretary: Kara Beck
  • Treasurer: Amber Gay

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Term expiring upon installation of next president:
    • Martha Smiley
  • Term expiring 2018:
    • Jen Chesterson
    • OPEN
  • Term expiring 2019:
    • OPEN
    • Christopher Jones
  • Term expiring 2020:
    • Linda Marie Bell
    • Amy Williams

Members of the Advisory Board:Meggin R. Capers, Mark D. Chiacchiere, Peggy Mathieson Conver, Thomas K. Crumlish, Samuel W. M. Griffin, William M. Kader, Jr., Edward J. Kaier, Lisa A. McCormick, Nancy Morgenstern, Esq., Patricia A. Porter, John H. Scott, Suzanne A. M. Segermark, Stephan Stoeckl, Thomas E. Tyler, Anne Lenehan Woodcock


Celebrating more than 100 years of Gilbert and Sullivan.

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