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Privacy Policy

Savoy has an absolute commitment to protect and respect your privacy.

Savoy does not gather personally identifiable information unless you fill out and submit the membership form to join Savoy (see below for more details). We do not keep a list of visitors' IP addresses nor do we record or analyze information stored in standard HTTP log files. We do not record browser types and versions or extract any other user information from your browser. We do not collect information on your operating system nor do we allow downloads and/or Internet cookies from third party web sites.

Session IDs / Use of Cookies
Whenever you visit our web site, the application will automatically generate a unique identifier (session ID) when the session is created. This is a technical requirement that helps you to interact with the site and makes your visit more convenient. Session IDs, for example, provide information that a user has been identified and the password has been verified (valid log-in). This is necessary when a user is logged-in; otherwise the user would have to sign in every time he requests a new page. The session ID is actually a (non-persistent) cookie that is stored on the users’ machine. It will expire when the session times out (after 20 min when the user does not request or refresh a page) or the visitor closes the browser. We do not place persistent cookies on users’ machines at any time.

Public area
All submitted information (e.g. membership form to join Savoy) will remain completely confidential as part of the internal recruitment processes at Savoy. Under no circumstances will we sell, trade, share or otherwise release submitted information.

Members Area
Savoy collects personally identifiable information when you submit the membership form to join The Savoy Company. Submitted information is not sold, traded, shared or otherwise compromised. Contact information of members (Name, Address, Phone, Fax and Email) will be available only to other Savoy members in the secure members area (Member look-up / Date List). Members can edit their profile from their member homepage. Member and password files with personal information are stored in a secure manner (e.g. in areas not accessible to Web browsers).

Savoy is very respectful about the privacy concerns of our visitors. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or the practices of this site, feel free to contact us at


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